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Leap Cosmos Wallet | Leap Cosmos Wallet Chrome Extension

Leap Cosmos is a crypto wallet for the Terra blockchain that conducts NFTs, DeFi, staking, social, dApps access, and more into a specific platform. It has the best-in-class UX design, which can be used to explore or search different Cosmos chains. 

Using the  Leap Cosmos Wallet, you can easily earn staking rewards, transfer your assets, and participate in governance, and anything you would like to NFTs, DAOs, DeFi, you denote it. All in an on-stop and easy-to-utilize wallet extension. 

Why Choose Leap Cosmos Wallet?

There are many reasons to select  Leap Cosmos Wallet, but one of the main reasons is that it is entirely a non-custodial or self-custodial wallet. It indicates that only you have access to your mnemonic phrases, and they are safely kept on your device. Moreover, you also have access to your funds and accounts. Leap Cosmos does not have access in any method or way. 

Furthermore, many other features have become why leap Cosmos is the best or finest. The wallet supports more Cosmos chains. It also includes Ledger Support. Some of the features are as highlighted below:

In addition, the wallet allows you to receive and send crypto, funds, and so on over all the applicable chains. You can create contacts to save frequently utilized and trusted addresses. It also permits you to change within different or various Cosmos Chains such as Secret, Osmosis, Juno, and so on. 

How to Create a Leap Cosmos Wallet

How to Claim Rewards and Compound on Leap Cosmos Wallet

After staking your assets, you will get rewards, which you can claim and stake again to receive more out of your pre-staked assets. Therefore, let’s begin the claiming procedure.

  1. Primarily you require to open the Wallet App.
  2. Then, go to the Stake option at the bottom of your screen.
  3. After which, you will easily view the rewards you have staked before in the stake menu.
  4. In order to claim, you have to press the Claim button as applicable next to your rewards bar.
  5. Please, hit on the Claim Rewards option to proceed.
  6. Now, head to your Activity bar; you will view the transaction appearing there. 
  7. You have to wait some seconds for your rewards to be included in your registered wallet.
  8. Next, you can stake your earned rewards again to conclude with a higher APY in the long term. For that, you require to head to the Stake button and choose the Stake option as appearing on your dashboard. 
  9. Further, you have to scroll down or enter the name of your desired validator in the search tab and hit on their name to stake. 
  10. Please input the quantity you would like to stake and choose the review button.
  11. Then, select Stake to confirm the procedure.
  12. And that’s how you can add rewards to your total staked assets. 

Final Verdict

Leap Cosmos Wallet is the straightforward and most trustworthy platform to swap, send, or store various tokens on the Terra blockchain. You are free to earn or receive rewards by setting up staked strictly in our wallet. You are also free to trace your NFT collection and send them to your friends or known ones. Presently the wallet function with Chromium-based browsers. After adding it to your browser, you can easily access it on the top right side under the extensions.

Moreover, you can search for it in your browser’s top right below extensions. Pin it for simple access. And leap is not a custodial wallet. It indicates that you are the absolute owner and consists of complete control of your assets.